When is the best time of year to build a patio cover?

If you’re looking to build a patio cover, winter is the most effective time to get it built. That might sound a bit counter-intuitive, however there are good reasons that keep it cost-effective and much easier to implement.

Ease of getting appointments

As we all know, construction activity reduces in the winter months, which certainly applies to Colorado and Rocky Mountain front range. At high-demand landscaping companies, waitlists can be months long, however not in the winter.

Construction is Easier to Endure

Developing a patio entails a great deal of building and construction. In the peak of summer, this can be difficult for your family to endure. In winter, you do not head into your yard much anyway, so the construction barely interrupts you. Kids and pets should be kept out of the yard through building phase, which would be much tougher in summer than in winter months. You also do not have to skip any of your summer get-togethers with friends & family, since you likely hold them indoors in the winter anyway.


When your patio area is built over the winter, it can get ready in time for you to plan spring events, on your brand-new, gorgeous patio. If you wait till spring/summer to call a landscaping company, it might be closer to the end of summer by the time your new shiny patio is ready for use. It is not uncommon for people to want to have some extensions after the patio is initially built, like firepit or extension kitchen. Again all of this can be ready for spring & summer even with such beautiful extensions, if you start the planning in winter.

Save Money

Typically, prices for busy landscaping companies go up during spring & summer months and go through seasonal pricing adjustment for fall & winter. This normally results in lower pricing, sometimes much lower, for the same high quality work. You can leverage this and should, by planning for winter months.


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