Louvretec Opening Roofs

Louvretec is the premier manufacturer in the opening roof industry. Available in 8 different blade types, depending on the wind zone and style, the possibilities are endless. Now, featuring the new retractable option which allows for an unimpeded view of the sky above.

With ample use of technology, the Louvretec Opening Roof system uses an award winning Spiral Pivot system. It has full 180 degree pivot capabilities at the touch of a button. A tubular motor and self lubricating brass gearbox are hidden from sight in with the use of the “Down-under”¬† gear system. Its high-quality extruded aluminium blades allow for the the louvres to reach spans of up to 14 ft depending on the product and wind zone. This provides optimal coverage in a Louvretec enclosure without the need for mid-beams or exposed rod shafts.

The simple, clean, and elegant designs make it a breathtaking new addition to any indoor or outdoor living space. The sun is no longer a problem with fully enabled blind and shading systems. Make use of the outdoors as the next destination for any event without the worry of what the weather might look like. Include what is needed to make sure any added living space is used year round, like heaters and fans. Be in control of the elements without the elements taking over.

We are fully committed to creating functional masterpieces for your Colorado Home. Get a free consultation with our experts in Louvretec Opening Roof products today!


Innovative Designs

Fresh & Functional

Louvretec Opening Roofs have a full range of components hidden from sight to preserve its architectural integrity. The “Down-Under” gear and motor system is embedded within the structure to maintain its contemporary look without sacrificing functionality.


Louvretec roofs are powered by Somfy products, the leading manufacturer in controller devices and motorization for opening roofs. They come standard with a limited 5 year warranty for material and workmanship defects under normal wear and tear. Warranties for structure and louvres are included as well.


 Traditional anodized finishes or custom hi-tech powder coating options are available.


Hand Held or Wall Mounted




Louvretec products are designed to respond to daily and seasonal changes that may come your way. Full aluminum composition that is rust and weather proof. No maintenance is required other than a gardening hose to wash it up a bit. Its been tried, tested, and proven as one of the most resilient opening roofs on the market.

For over 50 years, Somfy products have been keeping quality in mind. Their mission has been to bring sustainable solutions for the world of today. Its their belief in useful innovations to create a more comfortable living environment. Using todays modern technologies, they push the envelope for an automated and integrated experience.

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