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Louvretec 200 Super Roof


The forerunner in the Louvretec lineup, the Louvretec 200 Super Roof boasts itself as the top of the pack.

Its superior spanning capabilities are second to none. With spans up to 14ft in very high wind zones, and even up to 13ft in extremely high wind zones. This gives the 200 Super Roof the advantage of being 3ft longer than any other competitor. The blade spans prevent the need for any obtrusive mid-beams, providing the finest opening roof on the market.

The 200 Super roof possesses an award winning spiral pivot system that moves the blades 180º in either direction. Powered by a tubular motor and down-under gearbox that are both nestled inside the perimeter gutter system. This creates a sleek and modern touch  to any outdoor living space.

The gutter system now has a custom option that compensates for a larger roof. It has the width of 1/2ft to make sure you stay dry with its larger water capacity.



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