Revised Curves

Louvretec 180 Classic Opening


The Louvretec 180 Classic Opening Roof is the updated version of the original 180 classic. The enduring and graceful look of the 180 classic still stands the test of time.

It now comes with all of the modern enhancements that come standard on the rest of the Louvretec lineup. The Spiral Pivot “Down-under” motor gearbox system allows for pivoting the louvres with the touch of a button. Theres also the option of using a hand crank system.

The 180 classic differs with the the 180 linear in only shape. It has a convex 180 degree half moon shape, while the 180 linear has a 45 degree slope. They are both similar, but only vary in shape.

One of the preferred versions in the Louvretec lineup, and has always been a favorite.



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