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 Adding a sunroom is one of the best ways to increase your homes value and livability. Don’t be hassled with putting shoes on to go outside or being interrupted with not-so-ideal weather. Whether it’s your work from home environment or your lounge around spot with your pups, the possibilities are endless. Sunrooms are a fantastic option for your home and never fail to give it an elegant touch. It efficiently increases habitable square footage and provides you with a tranquil enclosure. Simply put, they are perfect for all activities, be it professional, leisure, or even get-togethers and parties! ZAPP Exteriors is known to provide the highest quality products sunrooms and Four Seasons Cover that also have a limited lifetime warranty. We have installed lots of enclosures and have helped build many happy homes across Denver Colorado, neighboring cities, and countrysides. You can be assured of our quality and rich experience and can happily give us your dream project, which we’ll responsibly accept and complete.

Our quality products and services, intelligent team, and true professionalism make us beam with pride and have been the reason for successful installations of sunrooms at many homes in Denver, Colorado. Our experienced installers are perfectionists and ensure that your sunroom is installed with absolute care and becomes a long-lasting and beautiful part of your house. Every sunroom that we install is durable, requires no maintenance, and looks and stays new for years! Our sunrooms and Four Seasons covers are extremely comfortable in all seasons. This is because of the quality insulated roof and wall panels that deflect away from the heat. The energy-efficient doors and windows are highly durable and have multi-layered coatings that repel dirt and water.

Keeps You Warm Even When It’s Cold Out.

Your Favorite Room Doesn’t Need to Change With the Seasons

  • Sunrooms transform a modest home into an elegant one. Make a lasting impact on your home.
  • Utilize it in multitude of ways. Work from home or throw a party, the choice is yours.
  • Use all year round. Live worry free knowing your sunroom is available any time.
  • Whether its traditional, contemporary, or classical, we’re certain to find your style. We’ll work hard to match your flavor or taste.
  • Made with advanced UV protection technology. Multilayered coatings on every panel to protect from even the most extreme rays.
  • Panel skins all have a building code rating of class 1-a. Resistant to stains, abrasions, and have incredible impact strength.


Cathedral Sunroom

Our beautiful cathedral sunrooms are made with significant use of space and light. Let natural sunlight spread positivity in your home, ultimately improving your lifestyle.

Breathtaking designs and energy-efficient features are specifically designed for optimal enjoyment and relaxation.

Vaulted ceilings that use patented CONSERVAGLASS SELECTTM panels by Four Seasons.  Cathedral Sunrooms are a luxurious glasshouse which feature wall to wall glass coverage. The gable roof welcomes light and offers and extensive view of the outdoors. Bear witness to the airy and  spacious sensation that only a cathedral sunroom can provide.

Enhance your homes value with its efficiency, superior comfortability, and high-quality construction. It’s certainly a worth-while investment that makes for a lasting impression without much maintenance.

The Aluminium frame has, bottom line, one of the most gorgeous designs. It’s the most popular frame by far.

Present your Colorado home with a brand new Cathedral Sunroom today!

Eave Sunroom

The simple pleasure of being around daylight doesn’t have to be a task in-itself. Stepping outdoors no longer requires you to get bundled up or bring an umbrella. Don’t compromise! Allow yourself to be immersed in nature regardless of whats going on outside. The only problem you’ll have is figuring out which one fits you best!

An eave sunroom generally has a roof that slopes downward. It has two variants, a straight or a curved eave. Which ever one you pick, Zapp is here to manifest luxury and elegance to your home.

Straight Eave:

Straight eaves are geometrically symmetrical, instantly recognizable for their sleek and contemporary designs. Use an aluminium frame to maintain a modern feel or go with the northern white pine for a warmer and cozier environment.

Curved Eave:

A curved eave is similar in many ways to the straight except for top end panels. They create more of a seamless approach to allow for more light to get through. Its curved panels are an excellent addition for a more immersive experience. Comes in all aluminium or a warmer northern white pine frame.

Four  Seasons Building takes pride in ensuring the longevity of all of their products. That’s why all of their eave sunrooms use multi-coated CONSERVAGLASS NXT windows. This a patented multilayer coating that is exclusive only to Four Seasons. They’ve developed the ultimate combination for efficiency, UV protection, and keeping the windows looking unfaded by the sun.

Bring a Straight or Curved eave sunroom to your Colorado home.


Solarium Sunroom

Solariums are amazing for sunlight reception, especially for those Colorado sunrises. Solariums are there to capture picture perfect moments every day. They permit you to stargaze in comfort. Be able to see any natural phenomena in spectacular fashion. Solariums are always fantastic addition to your Colorado home.

We, at ZAPP Exteriors, ensure the highest quality solariums with the most exclusive features.

  • UV Protection: Enjoy the sunlight without worrying about UV Rays damaging to eyes and skin. Protect your family with the multi-coated CONSERVAGLASS NXT windows. Windows that pave the way for the next generation.
  • Full Gutter Integration:  Professionally installed with a 3/12 roof pitch. Permitting proper water flow along the the fully integrated gutter system.
  • Climate Regulating Windows: Energy-Efficiency is guaranteed in all standard windows. Enjoy your sunroom knowing it was developed to keep its environmental impact low.
  • Premium Products: All of our sunrooms are airtight to ensure nothing comes in or out besides the sun. We only use the best building materials, such as aluminium or white pinewood.

More Space. Endless Possibilities.

Sunrooms and conservatories add square footage that would have otherwise never been used, Bringing your home more value.

 Always Brightens Up the Day

Rejoice in serenity and bask in the beauty of nature. Find Yourself feeling happier in your own warm tranquil oasis.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Your sunroom will be your favorite place to work, play, and host parties. You’ll feel the dramatic changes it brings to your living environment.

No More Chilly Nights

Live worry free knowing that your inner stargazer could observe the universe above. Feel free to leave the jacket in the closet because of the incredible thermal insulation.

Elegant & Graceful

Bring a dash of sophistication to your lifestyle. Clean modern designs that will be the ultimate conversation piece.

Professionally Installed

Our installers are the best in the industry. We have years of experience under our belt.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mission is to ensure that all of our customers are happy with the final product. We aim to provide the best sunrooms in Colorado!

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