Polar Shades and Retractable Awnings

Awnings For The Greater Good

Everyone loves to play in the backyard, but sometimes the sun and weather could be unbearable. Extremely hot and sunny days, rains, etc., sometimes make it impossible to spend some quality time outdoors. A Retractable Awning is the remedy to cure sun and weather fatigue. Sit outdoors, enjoy something with ice in it, listen to some music, and let the awning take care of the rest. Eclipse Awnings come in various retractable and motorized options to give you optimal shade and maintain the cool temperatures and serenity on your gorgeous patio or deck. Eclipse Awnings are always an excellent addition to your home.

Bring one to your Colorado home without breaking the bank! An Eclipse Awning is super energy efficient and not only saves energy but also affordable and stylish. We offer multiple retractable awnings to choose from, making sure you find the one you love most.

Make designs, and find your style with us. We offer customized awnings to help you build your dream home!

Retractable Eclipse Awning

Retractable Awnings – Solar Shade

Eclipse Premier, the platinum tier of the Eclipse selection, it is the ideal mounted retractable awning. It has greater and better projection depths as well as wider area coverage.  Its overall an improved and refined retractable awning.  Its sleek and stylish,  making your home a little more charming.

Bring an Elegant Awning to Your Home

At ZAPP Exteriors, we offer you the entire eclipse awing collection. We give you the opportunity to pick between their wide range of products. These awnings enhance the overall appearance of your home, and add great practicality to your patio.

They’re simple and easy to operate. With the push of a switch they move back and forth with ease.

No external structural support is required.

When you choose an Eclipse Awning, you can be assured you will be covered. They have limited lifetime protection warranties with the option of an extended warranty.

Eclipse Awnings works with Leading partners such as Somfy and Sunbrella.

Total Eclipse

Retractable Awning

A lot of porch and deck awnings don’t have  complete area coverage. If you have a really large outdoor living space, go big or go home. We understand that regular-sized awnings are not everyone’s cup of tea. We offer awnings that go perfect in your living space. Which in the long run is and investment into your home and wellbeing.

Eclipse awnings are perfect for all commercial projects that need exterior shading for their business.

Motorized and Long Projection Awning

Get the most out of your Eclipse Awning. We provide you with the latest technology in solar shade solutions. We know how to maximize your awnings utility per square foot. So beat the heat with our coolest range of Eclipse Awnings.

Know the Sizes Available for the Stylish Awnings We Offer

At ZAPP Exteriors, we offer you retractable awnings that rarely require any maintenance. The projections for these can be up to 16’6, which is the largest size available in the market. We offer customization and can serve really large retractable awnings. Here are some of the benefits of having a large awning:

  • Larger the size more is the area covered. The high-quality material completely blocks the harmful rays and gives you a cool shade even in the mid-summer.
  • These awnings are available within 4 “Qualicoat” powder coated exquisite frames, including white, caramel, desert sand, and bronze.
  • We bring you awnings in around 200 solution-dyed fabrics of acrylic so as to make it match with your commercial or residential place.

Why Total Eclipse Awning is Perfect for You

With Eclipse Awning, you can get the sunlight or shade whenever you require, and according to your own convenience. With awnings, you don’t need to get unsightly poles or unnecessary disruption of old structures. You can very easily get an awning for your home. It is easy to operate, so almost anyone can operate. Eclipse Awning does not require much maintenance and is a one-time investment. The durable material ensures that it lasts for years, while the excellent dye ensures that it looks as good as new.

Retractable Shades for a Brilliant Exterior

Glaring sun can spoil your fun times.

Beat the heat and block almost 98% of heat rays without blocking the outside view. Get brilliant scenery from your business or home without feeling the extreme heat of the sun.

Polar Shades specializes in bringing innovative solutions so as to beat the sun’s heat and keep your space cool and calm, while their excellent quality ensures the cool shade continues for years.

Materials for Motorized Exterior Shades

The Exterior Shades by Polar Shades are manufactured with materials of the highest possible quality. We bring you a multitude of colors so as to match the shades perfectly with the color of the office or home.

We offer quality products that are highly durable and even provide a limited lifetime warranty on each product. All the shades are manufactured with appropriate care so as to ensure that they last for long.

Benefits upon getting Exterior Shades of Polar Shades at your place

Get 100% shade while blocking 98% of heated solar rays with these excellent Polar Shades. When you get these shades, you get a boost in energy efficiency, especially during extreme summers. Whenever there’s extreme heat on outside, the shades keep the insides of your place cool as it blocks away the heated solar rays. Thus, you do not require using the air conditioner, and hence energy bills are low.

Operating and Mounting the Exterior Shades by Polar Shades

Motorized exterior shades by Polar Shades can easily be mounted on patios as well as windows. Products of Polar Shades blend in excellently and can be used at business establishments and residential buildings. They even provide glare-free visibility from inside of the surface. These shades make your space even more comfy for you. Here are some comfy options you can opt for:

  • Control with One-Touch: Make the shades move up or down with a single touch.
  • Fully Automatic: The shades automatically adjust themselves with the help of wind or/and sun sensors. You can even get these timed with timers.

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