Is a Sunroom the right addition to your home?

Is a Sunroom the right addition to your home? The Pros and the Cons

What actually is a Sunroom? Sunroom is a place in the home for fun times with family & friends, while viewing the scenic beauty of nature from your backyard without getting perturbed by weather. They are also called Solariums, Garden Rooms and Patio Rooms. Their covering is done with tempered glass so that light can pass through, and their structures are made of wood. According to human psychology, we feel closer to nature when we are close to organic wood. Investing in a sunroom can be a great option for your home.

Now let’s understand the Pros and Cons.


1.Brings you closer to Nature

Sunrooms are the best affordable extension to your home to view nature. There are various types of Sunrooms -Three Season Sunrooms, Four Seasons Sunrooms, Year-Round Sunrooms. Adding Sunrooms to your home allows you to see how the season unfolds in front of you. Imagine enjoying snowfall without getting frostbite. Nature lovers, don’t think twice to add Sunroom to your home!

2. Doesn’t add much to Electricity Bill

No one wants to overpay for their electricity bill! Adding a sunroom to your home can potentially be done without blowing energy bills through the roof. During the day,  you don’t even need to turn a light on, since natural light will be sufficient.

3. Best part of Home for relaxation

Sunroom could be the ideal place for relaxation with your family after coming back from long hours of work. With a lot of work happening from home in the post-pandemic world, this is more true as you can enjoy nature even while working!! Your kids & pets are bound to love a sunroom, as it is the best place in your home to relieve stress, make beautiful memories and have fun!


1. Compromise Privacy

As most of the sunrooms are covered with glass through which we can see nature, it also sometimes allows your neighbor to see you through the same glass. So often, you need to be able to deal with this lack of privacy that may come along. This may not happen in all backyards, or may happen to varying degrees, as some backyards already have a good privacy by design, in the form of trees and other coverings.

2. Heat & Humidity

Sometimes, Sunrooms are known to get hot and humid in summer due to the greenhouse effect. This is because a sunroom is made of mostly glass so it can be effective in keeping the room warm in winter but conversely it can make it hot in summer. This also varies based on the geographic area, and in the Rocky mountains, humidity may not be such a major issue.

3.  Can be expensive

Sunrooms can sometimes go over budget, especially if extensions are implemented in the form of additional room(s) as an after-thought of the original plan.


Adding a sunroom to your home can be a great move if you love to spend time in nature, however you have to balance the merits & demerits as discussed in this article and have the right mindset prior to implementation.



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